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You might have heard about ‘’. It is a social networking website, quite similar to hundreds of others on the internet. You can create your profile and stay connected with your friends. What’s different is that it allows the members to anonymously post questions and comments on other member’s profiles. It started as a fun way to ask someone things that you cannot person to person. You can even use it to pull pranks on your friends. However, at present most of the people are using it for bad reasons. People are posting anonymous comments containing abusive and insulting content. And because the site does not tell you who posted it, you cannot do anything about it. You can guess who it could be and then confront that person. But if you accuse the wrong person of abusing through the anonymous comment, you are just going to ruin a lot of relations. Due to this using this social networking website has become extremely frustrating. The only option that the people are left with is to delete their account and miss all the fun their other friends are having on this site. If you do not want to do that, we have another solution for you. This solution is the online tracker. Want to know what it is? Just keep reading.

About hack

Now that you have understood the problem, let’s try to understand the solution. The hack is a very easy to use online tool that can tell you about the person who posted an anonymous question or comment on your profile. If you paste the URL of the comment into this piece of software, it will tell you the IP address of the person who posted it. The IP address, if you do not know, is a unique identity of every machine connected to the internet. By knowing this, you can tell exactly which device was used, and that can easily tell you who the person was. You can use the same tool to even find that person on the social networking sites like Face book and Instagram. It is really amazing. So, let us see how to use the hacking tool.

Using hack

The question tracker is extremely easy to use and you would probably figure it out yourself the first time. But in case you have any problem or do not want to take a chance, the step by step instructions are given below. Also please read this article first!

  • First of all you need to download the software. It is absolutely free, so there should not be any problem. Just click on the download button.
  • Install the software and open it up. Now go to your profile and find the comment you want to track. Copy the URL and come back to the tool.
  • Paste the URL in the text field and press ‘Enter’. Within a few seconds or minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection, you will get the IP address of the person.

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